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He offers to pay for the child's treatment if the mother will have sex with him. What to do? Paramount Pictures Besides "the world's horniest living baseball glove," I mean. This version is actually scuzzier than Indecent Proposal , because in that film, it was just an offer of a million bucks to knock dem boots.

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Not a lot of coercion involved, beyond what personal greed can muster up. This version is much more manipulative, what with the sick child. Or it seems that way. To be fair, this millionaire is in no way obligated to pay for anything at all, so it's kind of nice that he's even offering.


Though it's kind of monstrous that he would add "just so long as I get that sweet momma booty" onto the end of it. It's probably safe to assume this millionaire is a bit evil. Get the little brat a Tylenol. Twenty more to come after butt stuff. This is supposed to be an exercise in coercion, and whether it fits the requirements. But if you have no reasonable alternative means to save your child, this does qualify as pretty clear-cut coercion. And you probably should do it. I'm going to be honest; I wouldn't even need a gender reversal on this if we're talking a life-saving situation.

I'll take one for the team, if that's what it takes.

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Sure, we'll have to work out the details ahead of time. I'd just as soon not be making out with this guy and brushing his hair over his ear, but if I need to pull up my socks for 20 minutes while he works out some aggression, and the end result is saving the life of someone I care for, then let's do this. It's clearly the right thing. This is a classic thoughtless douche question.

Don't feel bad if you've asked or been asked something similar by friends -- most guys do this in their lives. We're quite crass when left amongst our own kind. But we're also relentlessly creative, as this question demonstrates. This one plumbs the very depths of your black soul to make you commit to something, anything, that paints you as a monster. Every guy has tried the "I'm not going to answer that" route before, too, in case you were wondering.

It never works. We've all answered. Whatever the question was, we answered it. I read recently that the average sexual encounter lasts about six minutes. That's how long it takes a man to go from "ready for duty" to "job's done, I'm heading home. So what we're saying is, would you rather experience six minutes of sex that will give you something like AIDS, or minutes of sex that will just make you feel bad?

And what is minutes? Slightly less than half of one day of the rest of your life? Come on, man. Maybe she won't pop any zits during foreplay next time. Clearly, I'm voting for the ugly pork marathon on this one. Keep in mind that we assume this is safe sex, so you're guaranteed disease-free. You're able to become aroused somehow, so maybe this person has a good personality. Maybe they grow on you after a while. And if nothing else, you have chances to maybe try something new that you can then use later on because this only took ten hours of your damn life , when you have sex with other people you find more attractive who aren't going to murder you with booty diseases.

I think that, in order to fully pass through puberty, every teenage male must either pose or have this question posed to them in at least some form. It doesn't have to be the exact wording -- anything from "Would you take a shot in the butt?

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I have no insight into how actual gay kids deal with these questions, but it's probably a little easier for them to manage. But for your average year-old who dreads being labelled a "fag" by the cool kids, this is a real thinker.

Now, you can approach this question scientifically and ponder the nature of your sexuality as an irreversible and irrepressible aspect of biology, but is that necessary? I'm not gay as a way of life, but I'll take a shot any day of the week for a million bucks. Greed trumps biology at the best of times. I like to think this is true of most people, and I'll tell you why: Why not?

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Why not? What's the worst that could happen? Then, they trade places — and Tobias gets some Spidey cock in him. Justice League is the culmination so far of Men. Wonder Woman is kind of angry they only use her for the fighting — and not the fucking. But hey, this IS gay porn after all.. The Top 7 Gay Porn Parodies.

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