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Glorious Revolution

The charge list against Mr Speaker Bercow is voluminous. When the truth about MPs expenses finally came tumbling out, here is what the good citizens of Buckingham learned;.

Ten Minute English and British History #20 - The English Civil War

I have no personal beef against Mr Speaker Bercow, who I have run against myself in the past as a Labour Party candidate. He is unerringly polite, a good local MP and has had occasion to help my family out in the past.

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John Stevens, like John Hampden before him, is informed by a moral mission. He wants to clean up politics and clean up Parliament, and he wants major constitutional reform. His campaign will be one of the liveliest and interesting of the British General Election, and you read about it in America, first.

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A Very English Revolution. Surprising Science.

TV REVIEW: Revealed - What Margaret Thatcher kept hidden

China grew a plant on the moon — it sprouted two leaves, data indicates. People who constantly complain are harmful to your health. Brave new world Its opponents say that the vast amount of money the plan requires simply does not exist, and that there is no practical plan to put the changes in place.

You Decide Would you give up air travel to help the climate crisis? Is the Green New Deal a good idea? Activities List three more policies that you would put in place to achieve the aims of the Green New Deal. Research the consequences of global warming at 1. Make a poster showing your findings. Some People Say The New Deal was a huge project during the Great Depression that gave relief to the impoverished, and got people back into work.

Without the huge investment, experts agree that the depression would have been more severe and gone on for longer. What do we not know? Climate refugees The World Bank has warned that climate crisis could force million people to leave their homes by Food bank use The number of people using Trussell Trust food banks increased from 41, to 1. Economists Like Joseph Stiglitz.

See Become An Expert to read his argument for creating a fairer, greener economy.

Thomas Hobbes on Revolution

Financial disasters The financial crisis of to Recently, the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, warned that Britain is currently facing the biggest risk of a recession since Other key economies, including the US and Germany, are also showing warning signs of an imminent global recession. Become an Expert Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn recently gave a stirring speech about the urgent climate emergency. Ruptly —YouTube. Times Literary Supplement.