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Under the agreement with Boeing, American plans to acquire a total of additional aircraft from the family, with options for another family aircraft.

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American has the flexibility to convert the new deliveries into variants within the family, including the , and ER. As part of the Boeing agreement, American will take delivery of aircraft from Boeing's current NG family starting in , including three options that had been exercised as of July 1, American also intends to order of Boeing's expected new evolution of the NG, with a new engine that would offer even more significant fuel-efficiency gains over today's models. American is pleased to be the first airline to commit to Boeing's new family offering, which is expected to provide a new level of economic efficiency and operational performance, pending final confirmation of the program by Boeing.

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American's most recent deliveries of the , with seats, include the all-new Boeing Sky Interior, offering larger overhead bins that pivot down and out similar to those on the Dreamliner, a contemporary feeling of spaciousness and variable LED lighting options for cabin ambience. We look forward to strengthening our partnership for the future. American also will acquire a total of Airbus aircraft from the A Family and will have options and purchase rights for additional aircraft.

American has the flexibility to convert its delivery positions into variants within the A Family, including the A and A American will take delivery of current-generation Airbus A Family aircraft beginning in Beginning in American will begin taking delivery of aircraft from the Aneo New Engine Option Family featuring next-generation engine technology. The new aircraft are approximately 15 percent more fuel efficient than today's models.

American will be the first network airline in the U.

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  6. The A Family features cabin interiors with increased overhead storage, reduced noise and ambient lighting options. The and A families offer significant cost reduction opportunities in replacing American's older fleet. For example, Boeing and Airbus aircraft in the and A families offer a 35 percent reduction in fuel cost per seat versus the MD and a 12 percent and 15 percent fuel cost reduction per seat, respectively, versus the and The agreements with Boeing and Airbus will continue American's fleet simplification efforts, allowing American to transition four fleet types MD, , and to two the and the A families, which offer significant commonality benefits within each family.

    With a total of options and purchase rights for additional aircraft from both manufacturers through , these agreements give American the flexibility for replacement as well as growth opportunities under the right economic and financial conditions, with the ability to acquire up to aircraft in total over 12 years. Beyond today's announcement, American continues to execute on other elements of a comprehensive fleet renewal plan that will deliver customer benefits in a range of aircraft types and sizes. In and , American took delivery of 76 s. Separate from today's announcement, American has taken or is scheduled to take delivery of a total of 54 s from into American also has firm orders for eight Boeing ER widebody aircraft to be delivered in American is the first U.

    In addition, American has plans to acquire 42 state-of-the-art Boeing Dreamliners, to be delivered starting in late , with options for 58 additional s. American also has firm orders for seven widebody aircraft scheduled for delivery in through To listen to the presentation, call , and enter the passcode: AMR. The presentation and teleconference also can be accessed at the Investor Relations site of AA. Statements in this release contain various forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of , as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of , as amended, which represent the Company ' s expectations or beliefs concerning future events.

    Similarly, statements that describe our objectives, plans or goals, or actions we may take in the future, are forward-looking statements. The XLR variant will have meaningfully more effective range than the out-of-production Boeing aircraft. Leave a Comment. Posted on June 24, by Vincent Valery.

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    Posted on June 20, by Scott Hamilton. The pilot union contracts contain a clause that prevent the only customer for the aircraft in the world from using it because the take-off weight exceeds the 86, lbs specified in the contract. Embraer designed the airplane with the hope the so-called Scope Clause would be relaxed in contract negotiations this year and next by pilots for American, Delta, United and Alaska airlines.

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    Posted on May 28, by Scott Hamilton. Source: Boeing. The announcement was made April 5. At the same time, Boeing gave suppliers the rate ramp-up schedule. Posted on April 29, by Scott Hamilton. Photo by Jennifer Schuld.

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    The first out was from Boeing itself, followed by a few of the airlines that operated the MAX before it was grounded March Officials in engineered the MAX as a fallback airplane in case its hand was forced by Airbus as it first pondered and then launched the Aneo. He wanted a new airplane.

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    Seattle Times photo. The president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes at the time, Jim Albaugh, and the head of the program then, Mike Bair, talked down the thought of re-engining the even as it was developed. Albaugh wanted a new, clean sheet airplane to replace the LNA dug into its archives for recorded interviews, transcripts and events with Albaugh and Bair. This interview was before the Lion Air crash in October.

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    Posted on March 20, by Scott Hamilton. Airbus , American Airlines , Boeing. The Electra entered service Jan. Coming off decades of piston engine aircraft and early in the jet age, the Electra was the only airplane that was over-powered, piston or jet. Timing, however, was poor and crashes soon overtook the euphoria. Posted on March 18, by Scott Hamilton. Email Address.

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