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Another response to ' Astrology: Secrets of the Moon ':. Many thanks, Beth.

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November More feedback:. Thank you so much for writing this book and sharing the information. I found it very interesting reading and it is written in easy-to-understand terms for anyone who wants to learn how to access their full potential and gifts in life.

As an astrologer myself and continuing student of astrology, I found it will be very valuable as a reference guide to use for future chart delineations.

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I have found there are very few books out there on the Nodes and the ones I have started to read were difficult to follow, so my knowledge of the Moon's nodes has been very limited. This book is a true gift to the reader to give confirmation and clarity for fulfilling our hidden potential.

I will be happy to recommend to friends and family and anyone looking to fulfil their hidden potential and understand themselves a little better. Book Online. Jenn's wisdom for visionary and entrepreneurial women is profound and far beyond her years. Her talent to lead, guide, motivate and mentor is a rare gift that women business owners would benefit from gifting to themselves. If you're looking for a breakthrough in your business, an understanding of why things are happening in your life the way they are and to truly be seen, heard and supported, I highly recommend working with Jennifer Racioppi.

I know I have.

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Thank you so much! Step into abundance, resilience and soul-driven success. Pioneer Director Athlete. Epicurean Gardener Aphrodite.

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