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I pray that they will find Christ and accept Him in their hearts. I pray for our future children, so that they may know the joy of the Gospel of Christ! And I pray that my wife and I will stop smoking. Finally, may the Lord assign to each of us our mission and our call! And so I pray for a balance in our home, for my wife to invest more at home than at work. Thanks a lot!

May the Lord bless you abundantly! I pray that she is never injured. I pray when it is time for her to be with you, God, that you will let us all be with her so she is not afraid. I pray you restore her vision completely so she can read again. Please protect her, God. Please restore her health so that she can be strong and happy. He collapsed at work and the doctor's diagnosis is that there is blockage in 2 arteries in his heart.

The doctor does not know yet if he is comatose or it is just from the medications he is on. Having numbness in my left leg, a possibly new symptom. Prayers please, thank you! I had a knee replacement and two revisions, and now my left leg is shorter than the right and I am still in pain. It will be two years in December since having the initial surgery.

I am hopeful that Jesus will heal me of this deformity. Please give us gas and food money. I need some extra bill money too next week. Please, O God, allow Rita to value me and Rizza. Please accept this prayer request. Guide me. Help me get on the Primo program from Social Security. Jonathan and Rizza. For Guardian Angels to be with my coming and going from home. Bless you for praying for me. I'm so worn out with a cough. Please help me. I'm feeling so down that no one cares about me.

I need your prayers desperately. Please pray to God for my healing and for my sins, to give me inner peace and for forgiveness also for my family. May God forgive my sins and may I have His help for me to follow his commandments, to follow Him for the rest of my life. God, please take my hand and lead me wherever you want me to go. Thank you God. I love, praise, and adore You. I am in so much debt and am looking for work now. Please pray that I can get the employment I want and need.

She has worked hard starting from grade school all the way to high school. Please reward her with a full-ride scholarship. Thank you Jesus, and in Your Name I pray, amen. Keep him protected with your arms and hands and keep him injury-free while playing the game he loves to play. Thank you, Jesus, and in Your Name I pray, amen. Please pray for my granddaughters. God bless all of you. Also that the family become more financially secure and my son-in-law finds a job after the military.

My name is Anthony. I am staying with my wife, son, and my father. For the past days, my wife is not keeping well.

Then I had a thought that I should send a prayer request, for intercession, So that the Lord Jesus, and Mother Mary may heal her and recover her from this sickness. Requesting for healing for my wife. For many years I have been searching for a job and have not gotten one. Please, I am totally stressed out and frustrated. Please help me please. He has liver disease and is living on a day by day basis. Nick C. This Monday, September 30th, she will visit two doctors in Manila. Cure them from all health problems, and send your Angels to guard them from all evil and keep them safe.

Assist them in all needs, personal and financial. Arthritis in joints, weight loss, heart pain management.

Touch his mind and body; also praying for healing and a financial breakthrough. She has severe mental illness, and now drug addiction. She has overdosed a few times and the third time they had to use the Narcan to bring her back. She has not received any of my messages since yesterday, but she does not answer them back anyway, even though I tell her to please come home and we can work it out. We cannot find her. Please pray for my daughter that she is safe and that she is not doing drugs. Please, I need her to come home. Please pray for her safety, and that she comes home so I can help her and get her into school and rehabilitation.

Also, that I can get her home-schooled and she can be with me. She has very bad anxiety and really does want to be with me where she feels safe. She left with only her phone, which is suspended because she wanted to block me. She reads my messages only when she gets Wi-Fi but she does not answer them back.

Please pray for my daughter to come home thank you amen. She's had some bad years. She and I have had some bad years. I've prayed that she and I could mend our relationship. She seems to be growing up, getting better, trying more.


Divine Intervention to Financial Freedom : Personal Financial Management

Tomorrow she is going to a job interview, and in another three days, she has another interview. They would both be good jobs for her. She has tried to get interviews with both before. But one would allow her to pursue what she loves doing the most. Please say a prayer for her to get at least one of them. And for her and I to become close again. I know Jesus told us where three or more come together in prayer, there He will be also. Thank you for many Blessings, good health. Pray for us for our daily needs and our safety. Help me to make the right decision in my life. I pray for a very special intention.

Please keep me and my loved ones safe. Thank you for my many blessings. May God have mercy on her and cover her with His precious blood. Thank you very much. Father God, I'm pleading at your feet for healing for my mother. Please pray for healing for Ellen. My mother is in pain every day. Her entire body is in pain. Everything starts with heaviness on top of her head, and then the bones in her body starts to hurt and her legs become numb. Doctors don't really know what's wrong with my mother.

They've diagnosed her with all sorts of stuff. Father God, please cover and shield my mother with the Armor of God. Please pray to break the curse of death and infirmity, in the Name of Jesus. Please bless us and be kind to us and provide for our daily needs. He is so very sick and has lung disease. Please pray for healing. Please pray for my auntie Julie. She has COPD and is also not doing good.

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Please pray for my loved one to heal. Jude and St. Joseph, I beg for your intercessions. May God send the Holy Spirit to help and guide my daughter in her exams today so that she will do well and excel in her course. May God graciously let a ray of His brilliance penetrate into the darkness of her understanding.

May He give her a sharp sense of comprehension, retentive memory and the ability to grasp things correctly. May He also continue to help her and give success to her works. Please pray for all that need help. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings. You are amazing. Please guide me in the right direction. Thank you, LG. Keep my family happy, with no grudges but together.

My mother Teresa and Darlene and Johnny and my grandchildren. Help my uncle Felipe get better. We all need him in our life, like Mariano too. I have faith in you. Jesus, please cure my mother from the health issues that she is facing now. Please perform a miracle. We have family members who need our help with money. Please help all sick and suffering in the world today. Veronica E. She's only 26 years old and in a lot of pain, so the hope is that that operation, if successful, will improve her quality of life.

Pray with us. Also for her parents, doctor, and therapist. Her parents are literally sick with fear. Home life is dreary and sad and scary. Please pray that I will not encounter risky transactions or clients. Thanks for praying. Thanks, Armani.

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Please pray for my mother that she may be able to understand the current family situation, and that she may be able to be of help to the whole family. Please pray for me that I may able to continue to handle the financial challenges that I am facing now. Last on indicated heart failure. I have no money to give my children a good life. Please pray for this stress to be lifted off my shoulders, amen. May Jesus make the impossible possible. Umukoro G. Does God Exist? Which sin did I commit that is too big for him not to forgive me? I keep wondering. It makes no sense. Please pray on my behalf for me and Mr.

Jude, please all pray for me that my beloved Cliff comes back to me and realizes what a good person I am and how much I love him. Also, can Chris please call me. Thank you Lord for all you have given me. Please help my oldest granddaughter, that her anxiety level lowers and she does better in school. I pray our faith grows strong and we help others more. I love you always and thank you for all our blessings.

Wrap my family in your mantle of love. Instill in our hearts the gift of goodness, kindness, and gentleness. Help us to overcome this storm, and enlighten us with your truth and joy. We need your everyday presence in our family, so we can stand firm and together against all evil. Send us Guardian Angels to guide, protect, and whisper in our hearts and minds your truth and love.

Cleanse us from all that stains our hearts, and replenish us with your goodness. Help us to listen to one another, and to control our emotions. I pray for peace and unity to be ever strong in our family. Please open my eyes wide have your spirit to whisper loudly into my ears. I met a guy on the internet. The guy, who said he was in trouble, did not want to admit it.

Please send us your angel to prove this is a real man, not a fake not a scammer. Please prove it to me to avoid all stress and heartbreak. Please God, let me know who he is. Please teach him love, care, and respect. Please if he is real and true he needs help for his freedom. Please Lord get him out and let us meet face to face. Please help him with his issues, if that is why he used internet to find lovers.

Please heal me and that guy's feelings. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much! I have ovarian cancer and I have to have major surgery and I am so frightened. Please pray for me! Pray for favor so I can pay all of my bills and not get evicted from my apartment. For me to be able to get my car back and for a good paying job. Brenda F. We promise that child will become a pastor so we are afraid he is suffering for this reason.

I request you help us by your prayers. Thank you Lord. Please pray with me for a peaceful passing. God Bless you! She feels a sense of torment and aggravation in the home. Please pray for her protection. He has been searching for over a year with zero luck. He is becoming very discouraged. My daughter is a year and half away from graduating college. She just announced she is dropping out of college and just going to get a job.

She suffers from anxiety and depression, which she takes medication for. God bless you. Lord, please take away her pain. He has autism and is unable to speak. I beg God the Father to heal my grandson. Please pray for me that I can stay Cancer free. She is 86 and has dementia. She can't remember fully what she says. I did some work for her and now she is mad and it is a big problem.

I have forgiven her and will continue to. Her 2 sons and 1 daughter who used to be a man are not taking care of their responsibilities with her. She is confused, scared and gets angry. It is so sad. I considered her like a second mother, but I have to let this go. Please pray for healing and blessings in this situation.

I am so uncertain and undecided. Please give me clarity. He has been presented an opportunity to submit himself to direct a very ungodly miniseries entitled 6 tales of sin. Right now he is on the road to having God fulfill His promise in the business. However, this is so blatant that I don't know what to do. My prayers are for my brother Brian. He is not in very good health. He has abused his body over the years with alcohol and pain medication. It seems to have caught up with him. I ask God to help him find peace, strength, and spiritual enlightenment all the days of his life.

I ask this through Jesus Christ our lord Amen. Bless me with a job for me and financial needs, for I am most worried. Guide me through this time, that there will be employment so very, very soon. Bless my son Mike Jr. I ask for blessings for me to meet someone who is healthy, nice, and thoughtful, and is financially sound. My love has now been gone for some time.

I thank you for blessings received. Help me to accept your will. I am sorry Lord. Forgive me in your mercy. Jesus, you take over my life and that of our family. Lord, have mercy. Deliver him, wife Shasta, children and families from the bondage of Islam and rebellion to accept Jesus Christ as their true Lord. Also that he gets a separate place for himself and Shasta and their 3 kids, as they need more room and are now currently living with her mom.

Also pray for daughter Asmita, undergoing separation trauma after being evicted from home by her non-fearing God hubby Abie after 6 years of marriage. May she be blessed with peace harmony and protection in a new accommodation, without harassment from Abie or Alroyd; and that she sells off house land property shed owned with Abie and obtains her investment portion peaceably; and that Abie turns in fear of God Almighty in Jesus Christ, sincerely repents and contacts, his heartbroken mother with fear of God in his heart and be healed spiritually, physically and mentally in Jesus Christ.

Also that Abie begins process of Separation documentation from Asmita, as per Australia law, having almost completed physical separation of 11 months and obtains separation documents, etc. May Almighty God in Jesus Christ touch all their hearts and deliver them from the powers of the devil and fill them with the Holy Spirit. The present landlord of our building is harassing me for repairs, from tenants cost, negligence, and other issues.

Pray that we all be delivered from their blackmail, harassment, extortion and evil agendas to do proper repair work in my place with strong stilts underneath to prevent collapsing and roof rainwater leakages. Looks like the devil himself is directly interfering in my old age, especially with rebellious and defiant son Alroyd, that we are delivered from all his evil powers.

Julian S. I know that I didn't do too well in my interview because of nervousness, but I have been trying to get this job for a long time. Please pray for me that I will get it. All I ask is for you to say a prayer for my boyfriend Daniel and I please. Please pray for our relationship. Pray for us to be together please and help us fall in love with one another. Please pray for us. Please Lord I pray that my shipment is already on its way to me and will get here on time tomorrow!

Also thank you Lord for answered prayers as the weather looks good ahead for this weekend!! Let the storms move to Monday instead or go somewhere else!! Jesus, I Trust In You!! Help me Lord!! Unless we win new business immediately it will be difficult to sustain. Thank you, and may the Lord bless you. In Christ.

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He was working out east and the baby is coming early. He is flying now and is almost there. Please pray for us, he works so hard and it meant the world to him to be present for the birth. Thank you so much!! Please pray for her to be healed of her mental illnesses, for God to put people in her life that will help her grow, be successful, strong and positive.

I have a troublesome cough. I have patients to look after. Thank you so so much. She is suffering terribly and so is the family watching this. Marie B. Jude, I have completed another 9 day novena to you. I thank you for the help I have received and pray you will continue to help me during my times of need.

Bless my husband, sons and grandchildren. Take all fear and worry from me and I pray we may all live each day with peace of mind and heart. God bless to all. He is struggling with two of them and really needs prayers for getting the help he needs, asking for help, decreasing his anxiety, and increasing his confidence with understanding of the work. I have never heard him be so frustrated and wanting to give up. Please help him! Please give him the financial solutions he needs to have a wonderful life again. Thank you for making it happen for him!

Thank you! Please truly pray that the love of my life Walter and I work everything out and we get back together as a couple with one another again very soon. The doctor found an abnormality on his preliminary CT scan that concerns him. Pray that the final result is nothing to be alarmed about and we receive good results. Thanking you in advance. May she have strength to deal with this adversity and be divinely guided to the best doctors for the best treatment and healing.

She is 75 and very sad over the way my sisters treat her. My sister Nikki is in her 40s and is a heavy drug addict and lives with my mom. My mom is devastated. I think she has mental illness and may be on drugs too. She is My other sister Tina also keeps the grandson from my mom. Please pray that the Lord Jesus heals her from this pain, gives her the ambition to keep going, and that the blessings of peace and happiness fill her heart; and that she overcomes this sadness. She is thinking about evicting both of them in court and filing a restraining order against Nikki because of all the theft.

My mom has nothing of value left except her car, home, and a TV. Please pray for her. I love my mom. Please bless my precious mom. I pray for the strength to do what is right and live life the way you see fit. I beg for a solution to the financial disaster we are in. Please bring relief, allow us to help times the people who help us.

Show us the way to keep the roof over our heads, the basic necessities of life, and a way to meet our mounting financial obligations. Our fears are so great it is nearly impossible to think. He has recently graduated and has been looking for a job without success.

He has sent in many applications and still has not received replies. Please pray that he gets an interview and be successful and be given the job. It's so hard for fresh graduates to get a job because most of the applications require experience. Please pray for him, because he is losing confidence. Please pray for him urgently. Thank You. God Bless. She recently took on a new job and was treated poorly upon her 1st day at work.

She recently took on a new job closer to home. On her 1st day of work, she found out there is an extremely high turnover in her 1 position. The office only had 10 employees and she was 1 of 20 in same position within the last 6 months. On the 1st day she was left unattended without guidance or training, written up for not answering the phone on the 2nd ring, and on the 4th day she was fired. Request prayer for a job to come through for her very quickly, and one where she will be appreciated for her expertise, skills, and service.

It has been quite dark lately.

Very dark. I just need that feeling of joy. I do laugh but laughter eventually stops and I return to the void again. Yehovah God I know I m a sinner. Today I found my life fully surrounded by demons. My neighbors turned as wild beast animals against me. Everywhere I am they are there too.

They follow me with their evil spirit. The demons are also ruling my marriage. Please pray with me. She had a stroke on Saturday and is now in the hospital. We live in Finland. I have been very faithful me to what God is having me do. I also tithe. I need a new hot water heater. I haven't had hot water in 5 months. My water heater is 20 years old and cannot be repaired. Give her strength and courage to face the challenges she'll encounter in the days and months to come.

May she make wise decisions and good choices. May she and her family remain in good health and be under the constant watch of their Guardian Angels. Now and forever. Please pray to God that he moves them away. Please give me a donor kidney that is excellent, very young, matches me exactly, lasts long, and at the right time.

Please guide the surgeon's hands. Let the immune suppressant meds work perfectly without side effects or me getting any other illnesses. Let there be no cost to me for the surgery, and very low med costs. Pray for sister Eileen to be a caregiver. She has not contacted me, even when Lloyd was in the hospital. Pray for our car repairs brakes to be very reasonable today. Please make her well again dear God. In the name of Jesus our Lord I ask. He has been struggling as a photographer.

Please ask God to help him. Please pray for my mother, that she may be able to understand the current family situation, and that she may be able to be of help to the whole family. Please pray for me, that I may able to continue to handle the financial challenges that I am facing now. Pray and ask Michael the archangel to do battle against all my enemies and my family's. God bless you for any help that comes this way. Phillip B. Please protect us and guard us from evil attempts of this world.

Prayer Requests: For You, Your Loved Ones, or Others In Need

I pray that your Presence and Peace in our home and family is always present and felt in us. Surround our hearts and minds with your light and love. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so we never fall for the traps of the devil. Send your Guardian Angels to help us in this life, to keep the peace and love alive in our family and relationships, and to bless us with their whispers of God's love for us. Lord, I entrust my family completely in your loving hands.

Keep us safe, happy, and joyful, and may we always find refuge in You. Father, please open doors of communication between me and my dear friend. Father when I reach out this Wednesday may he be receptive and respond favorably with me, may he answer and respond. Thank you Heavenly Father. Jay E. Forgive us our sins and the horrible way we treat each other when angry. Show us good conflict resolution and give us what we need to become better people. Lord Jesus, please bring us peace and heal all the hate in the world. Bless our future and the future of my family and friends.

Dear God, please bless everyone in the world and all your creatures. You know my heart, my questions, and my yearning. Please show me the way. Thank you I love you. Mother Mary, please help us. Pray for us, Mama. I love you all. Please hear the prayers of these people, and on all websites, and the prayers in the hearts of everyone. Take care of us and protect us from all evil. Father, be with us today and strengthen our faith.

Divine Intervention to Financial Freedom: Personal Financial Management

Heal my son from all that he is going through in his life and give him courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and job. Help my daughter with her pregnancy and let everything go well. Help my husband at work, and let him do his best. Let him find a position that he enjoys and be happy. Release our stress, fears, and worries and let us be at peace, happy, and healthy.

Heal me from all the pain. In Jesus' Name! Jesus, put me to sleep for 9 hours at night without pills. Grant me Divine peace and confidence that all will be well under Your Guidance. Calm my body and mind and soul, grant a deep and deep sleep with good dreams. Teach me to trust you completely. All my thoughts are Divine thoughts.

Jesus I arrive in You, with You in me, and I am completely calm. Divine beauty fills my heart. Jesus, make my health perfect. Now I can go to sleep, for I am sure that I am safe and blessed by Jesus. I am at peace, for the Lord is peace and quiet. Thank you, heavenly Father. I believe that my prayers will be fulfilled and they are, Amen! Jesus, calm Isaac, discover in him Divine consciousness, Divine love, Divine forgiveness, and perfect peace of mind.

Father, bless Isaac and me to get married in the Church and officially register the relationship as soon as possible. Father, change his heart, and bless him to want to marry me, that You will keep our relationship in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Father, praise be to You! Protect me from the evil voices that try to tempt me and the evil they bring. Heal my sleep Father, banish insomnia in the name of Jesus Christ. Grant me sound sleep, Father, without pills! Now her grandfather fell and he is in a coma. Lord, I pray for healing on her grandfather, that you would awaken him from the coma.

I pray that you would be with the entire family, as they are rushing in for support. As I am currently away from my girlfriend and her whole family, I pray that you would comfort her and I pray that you would be the one that she leans on! I pray that you would strengthen her relationship with you through this time. God, I am scared and I know that she is as well.

Please, be with us and bring healing, comfort, and hope where it is needed. Jude, I have hurt my girlfriend very badly. Please intercede for Samantha and her family members to Jesus for reconciliation. Jude, please help. Sincerely, Anthony. She needs to wake up from the coma. It will be sure sign God is saving her from her illness.

Praise Jesus Christ, Lord and God. Please send us family to love and care for me and my husband in our age. Please, peace all over the world, and help all the sick and suffering people. Thank you for all our blessings. He is a dentist and has an eye condition that may end his career. She is having kidney problems. Her body has swollen up. The doctor said both kidneys are affected.

I believe in Divine intervention. I want God to heal her. She lives in Plateau State, Nigeria. She is a teenager and has been of help in the service of God.

I need healing right now. Please dear God heal my swollen gums and aching tooth. I am asking for healing so I can travel worry-free, amen. I live alone. I am very depressed and lonely. I have a daughter Marisa. Please ask God to have Marisa visit me. Ask Jesus to please help me.

Jesus, guide me as to whether I need any dental intervention and if it be your will, that you lead me to the best technology and dental professional s that have integrity and go above and beyond to help me and achieve an outstanding result. That you watch over and guide any dental work I undergo, and that the final outcome is successful for health and aesthetics and my teeth are restored to perfect health. That, going forward, I no longer have any dental issues for the rest of my life. Thank You, Lord! I just have anxiety right now and need any prayer I can get!!

Thank you and God bless you. Praise the Lord. Betty to have breathing issues. Please continue to pray for her attitude to be kind to her helpers. His mind is not good, and he has been taken advantage of by a neighbor who has full access to his financial records and well being, and is keeping him away from everyone. It is failing and the employees are not working harmoniously. Please pray for us that God will help the company to cope, and that the employees will work together.

He was stabbed last night, lost a lung, and severed a major artery. He is only a teenager. Please ask God to give him strength to survive. Jesus, please heal her completely from her anxiety as she is in a lot of emotional pain. I ask this in the Name of Jesus. And for my husband-to-be to go through an alcohol treatment program and be released to come home. And for God to bless me and my daughter to be provided with our every needs to be met. Because of this I had a lot of misfortune in my life.

I just know that my mother and my aunt hold me that their grandparents and their ancestors were somehow linked to the witches or practicing witchcraft. I think the blessing that is intended for me and my family is maybe somehow blocked by the curses that have been cast by my ancestors or their enemies. I was baptized, confirmed and had my first communion here as well and found a family at St. I beg of you to pray for me and this case, and that all works out for the love of God. The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows deal with education of children, and education of the mentally impaired.

Please pray for me that this is where Our Lord and Lady are calling me. I feel like Our Lord might be calling me to religious life. Thank you for your prayers. John L. The load is heavy and stressful right now. Please help give relief and lighten my load. Please help clear all road blocks in my way in order to get done what I need to help her. I would be so grateful for your help. She has a court case on Thursday. We just want things to be ok for her, and for it to be the outcome we all want.

Please, St. Jude, pray for us, amen. Please pray for her to be healed of her mental illnesses, for God to put people in her life who will help her grow and be successful. Strengthen and multiply Christianity so that the world is Christian; replace every Muslim country with Christianity. Lord, hear my prayer. Peace be with all of you. May, all the pagan evil spirits that roam the Earth seeking to ruin souls be stopped by our prayer and vigilance to the Holy Father. Thank you Lord for always helping me!! Jesus I trust in you!! Also please pray for the soul of CPM who died in Jan.

I wish he were here so I could talk to him!! Please have mercy on his soul, Lord!! Royston has become an alcoholic and Joel has become a drug addict. Joseph lost his wife to cancer last year. Please lift up Royston and Joel in prayer, that they may come out of Satan's bondage and come closer to Jesus and Mother Mary. His third son Charleston has joined the Seminary to become a priest. Royston and Joel come to hit their father for money and Joseph is not doing very well. Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls.

God Bless you all. Please be kind enough to heal the patient and wash him with your holy blood by giving him his life back and retrieving my job as the nurse. Pour happiness and joy in my work. Please provide me your love and blessings Father. In Jesus' Name I pray. He is poor too. Please help him. Anusha P. He hasn't been raised with any Christian teachings to provide him comfort and hope. He is so fragile and vulnerable. Give us more patience, courage, and wisdom to face all the trials in our lives. And all the people here who need you to heal them, please guide them always, and in your miracle we have faith.

Ellen J. His health has been up and down for the last few years. Make it happen with my will, with my own two hands, my blood, sweat and tears. But I keep doing it. Not a lot of fun in that. Under the Nose: UN A lot of pressure…a lot of desperation. I usually do it better, and I do it to my standards.

Even though, I love getting stuff done. I love making great things happen. That makes all my achieving fun. This window is open to the divine co-creating with me. If I trust and let go, would I judge myself a slacker? SE: I wonder what would happen, if I open this window and allowed the Divine to stream into my life—bringing me more brilliance, more inspiration, absolute miracles, and co-creating with me. UE: I wonder how that would feel. I wonder how it would feel in my body, to achieve my goals that way. UN: This would feel different.

Chin: I surrender my control. I surrender my old story. CB: I surrender my doubt in divine power. UA: I open myself to help. TH: I open myself to miracles. I open my connection to the divine to co-create with me! Reblogged this on Love, Men and Money and commented:. I really really need to do this to take care of some blocks.

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I keep coming across this info. I just have to set the intention, keep it, and find a time and space. Thanks, Jacinta. I hope your journeys are going well. If you need some accountability, please do not hesitate to contact me. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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