Manual Interreligious Learning

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This interdisciplinary course enjoys a variety of voices and approaches within the Social Sciences and the Humanities.

For the moment, two versions of the course, one in English and the other in French are ready. You can choose your preferred language and begin the learning journey by subscribing in the course.

Interfaith Cooperation: An Invitation for All Beliefs - Elizabeth Sink - TEDxCSU

I love being able to tie all the history into how religion developed in the Middle East. Mondays start off dragging, but the students are excited by the end of the day.

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Interreligious Learning : The Problem of Interreligious Dialogue in Primary Education

Apply Now. Moreover, it openly approaches the plurality of religions and worldviews as a learning opportunity.

Religious education thus becomes a place of encounter and dialogue between different religious convictions. Interreligious learning further distinguishes itself from the multireligious model by overcoming a purely objective representation of the multitude of religions.

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In the interreligious model, students are not only informed, but are introduced to the cognitive and value commitments underlying the different religions, giving them the opportunity to enrich and develop their own personal religious identity. The teacher takes an explicit and particular religious Christian standpoint, but also tries to bring in other committed religious and philosophical voices.

The interreligious model aims to teach students that holding a proper religious identity while having an openness to the religious other is not necessarily self-contradictory.