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9 Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged during the Winter Holidays

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to One-room schoolhouses. Early childhood Preschool Pre-kindergarten Kindergarten. NDL : November seemed to fly by… blink and you will be knee deep in December! It is such a BUSY time of the year for most people, but for teachers, it can be down-right overwhelming.

I have gathered some ideas you can use for December in your classroom…. Martin Luther King, Jr lesson plans are here! Check out how we celebrate! Great Books! The book My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. So good! I have been a fan of Kadir Nelson the illustrator of this book forever!

Winter Video for Kids & Toddlers: Learn to Read

I Have a Dream does not…. Every year, January equals snow in my classroom! Did you know that Amazon…. Hibernating Animals Lesson Plans! We love teaching about animals in winter. We start with some great books! Here is a list for you! Hibernation Not included in the image above Over and Under the Snow! So So SO good!

Hibernating Animals…. December Kindergarten Centers that keep kids learning! We want students to over-learn key skills and have fun in the process! Creating fresh activities for you class to complete that are meaningful, yet fun! Do you feel…. Dental health kindergarten lesson plans are here. These are a few of my favorite dental books! I love Throw Your Tooth on the Roof.

Students can learn to see the world from a different perspective! This is such a fun book! Here are few other tooth videos. Our friends at Preschool Teacher have a pets lesson plan in their store for planning the perfect pet theme. Picnic Theme — Picnics are universally loved, especially by kids.

Eating somewhere new and different is exciting. That same excitement can be spread to learning with a picnic theme. But watch out for the ants while singing The Ants Go Marching!

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Pirates Theme — Arrrggghhh. This is a great time to include dress up and pretend play! These pirate lesson plans have tons more great ideas to do with your wee lassies. Plants and Life Cycles Theme — Plants and life cycles are fascinating to kids. Kids will be in awe of how one tiny seed, with the right care, can turn into a full-size plant. I love this theme so much that I incorporated a greenhouse as part of my in-home preschool! Polar Animals Theme — Polar animals are fun, especially when you start talking about how they can survive and stay warm, even when living on snow and ice.

There are lots of fun science experiments to try with a polar animal theme such as this polar experiment that shows how blubber helps insulate polar animals. Pond Life Theme — Frogs, lily pads, ducks and even insects live in ponds. This is a fun theme to learn about various animals and insects as well as a different body of water.

Blue Goose and 5 Little Ducks are awesome felt board stories to use with this preschool theme! Grab an entire pond lesson plan from Preschool Teacher Process Art Theme — Process art is one of my favorites because there are no rules. Pumpkins Theme — Fall and Halloween is such a fun season to plan activities around and pumpkins are by far the most exciting. They make a great shape to incorporate different activities as well as actually exploring the pumpkin itself. Or get this entire pumpkin lesson plan from Preschool Teacher I do, and kids will love incorporating the fantasy aspect to learning activities!

This is a great theme to help kids learn about community and kindness! Over the years, some of the most thoughtful gifts my kids and I have received are quilts. Rain Theme — Raindrops are essential to springtime and help present a wonderful theme for this season. This is also a useful theme to help discuss and learn about weather or how rain helps the earth grow. Need an entire rain lesson plan? Preschool Teacher has made this wonderful rain themed lesson plan.

Rainforest Theme — A rainforest, just like a jungle, has bold and beautiful colors, greenery and plants as well as super interesting animals!

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Talk about the unique creatures and intense temperatures. Get an entire rainforest theme lesson plan from our friends at Preschool Teacher They are the perfect theme to explore color, weather or even fantasy. If you need more rainbow lesson plan ideas , you are in luck because Preschool Teacher has them in their store.

Recycling Theme — Recycling is important for everyone to learn and implement, but especially for kids. It is not just a different way of putting out the trash, but helping the earth and our home. Turtles are slow-moving, yet lizards are so fast you can barely catch them. This is great for helping to teach motion and speed as well as about the animals themselves. Rhyming Theme — There are so many ways you can teach rhyming that having a whole week dedicated to this idea is not only fun, but necessary!

Some of our favorites are rhyming stories , rhyming songs , and nursery rhymes , and rhyming fingerplays. Make a robot craft, manipulate nuts and bolts, use robot stickers to count, or build a cardboard robot — there are lots of ways to make a robot theme accessible to preschoolers. We love this recycled robots activity! Or take a peek at this robot theme lesson plan in the Preschool Teacher store. Rocks Theme — Seems like one of my preschoolers always has a pocket full of rocks!

They can be so interesting. Talk about how they are naturally created or use them as a math tool , a great canvas for art and rock painting , or blocks for building and creating. Grab a full rock lesson plan from Preschool Teacher Science Fair Theme — Do you remember entering a science fair as a child? Making a baking soda volcano seems like a rite of passage! It is so exciting to not only create a project but share it with your peers. This is a great time to introduce public speaking as well as respect for those who are sharing.

Seasons Theme — Seasons are a perfect preschool theme and super fun if you live somewhere with all four seasons. They are something we look forward to, for the change. This is a great theme for teaching kids about weather, plant life, temperature and more!

For some supplemental activities, you can consider adding a book or a hands-on craft or art project from each season, winter , spring , summer , and fall. We even have a seasons lesson plan with these activities and more in our store. This fascinating process is a great time to help teach kids about life in general, as well as how different beginning and ends can be. These seed lesson plans are also full of great ideas. Shapes Theme — Shapes are everywhere! We learn the basics first and branch out to the more geometrical.

Not only is it important to learn about shapes themselves, but shapes are the perfect canvas for teaching math, literature, or even science. What other animal has as many teeth as a shark? Practice counting high digit numbers by counting their teeth. Shells — Seashells are so pretty and something that many people like to collect on the beach. This alone is a fun theme but the tie-in options are endless! Get more ideas in this shell lesson plan from our friends at Preschool Teacher Snow Theme — If you live in the right part of the world, you might be lucky enough to get an entire season of snow.

It is beautiful and so fun to play in , as well as a great learning tool for science! We especially love singing winter songs. Spiders Theme — Spiders can be creepy, with all their eyes and many legs, but they can also be so cute see the pet spider craft! Here are some great spider facts. Around Halloween time or with the purpose of exploring insects, spiders make a great theme! Make your own pet spider or throw some spiders in the sensory table for some fun exploration. See the fun spider lesson plans from Preschool Teacher Sports Theme — Whether kids play on organized sports teams or use sports as a way to get in physical activity, sports is a fun preschool theme to encourage healthy play!

Spring Theme — Spring is so full of life, sunshine, flowers and baby animals. What a great time to make a suncatcher! See tons of ideas in our spring lesson plan in our store. This holiday with four-leaf clovers and leprechauns is full of fantasy and magic. Try out this leprechaun slime for some squishy themed sensory play! We love weeks with STEM activities. Squirrels Theme — Squirrels are super cute with their fluffy tails, and they run super fast.

Summer Theme — Summer is full of fun. Pools, beaches, vacations, and of course lemonade. Check out this pool noodle name recognition activity! This is a great theme for the end of the traditional school year or during the summer months. You can see our summer theme in our store. Tea Party Theme — Having a tea party theme is sweet and adorable but is also a super wonderful time to help talk about manners! These cuddly friends can help motivate children to learn something that they may otherwise have issues with.

Thanksgiving Theme — Thanksgiving is a holiday full of history. This is a great time to touch on historical facts, or help teach children about thankfulness and sharing. There are lots of awesome books about gratitude and thankfulness to use during this theme. See the Thanksgiving lesson plans for our friends at Preschool Teacher Learning the concept of time as a child is important and can be fun!

This can tie into calendar time with lots of creative activities. Tools Theme — Tools is a great theme because it allows kids to feel more grown up, explore the world that adults live in, and even tap into community helpers and jobs. Tie this one into your construction team for a sure win.

Trains Theme — Thanks to Thomas and his train friends, trains can be a super engaging preschool theme!

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They are colorful, strong and travel across countries. This is a fun way to talk about different states, counting, or even touch on STEM. Transportation Theme — There are many forms of transportation and all help you get to where you need to go! This theme is a fun time to incorporate sensory play by making a bin with all the different modes of transportation. Play some fun transportation games , or get an entire transportation lesson plan in our store. Travel Theme — This is another great preschool theme to get kids talking about themselves! Use a map and talk about all the different places the kids have traveled.

Incorporate geography and your transportation theme too. Trees Theme — Trees are beautiful, provide shade and create many things all around us in our home. This theme can also help you teach about air and the environment. Our favorite teacher friends at Preschool Teacher have even made these tree theme lesson plans. Unicorn Theme — Unicorns are a must right now! This is a fantastic theme for introducing another round of fantasy and pretend play. Unicorns were a priority when it came time to hang alphabet wall cards and alphabet posters! Under the Sea Theme — Nemo is not the only interesting thing under the sea, there is basically a whole new world under there!

Explore sea plants, animals, shipwrecks, and other fascinating finds under the sea. Plus, this is a wonderful theme for making gifts that parents or other caring adults will cherish. Veterinarian Theme — Caring for animals is an important job.

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With some easy setup, you can learn about the medical world by having kids bring in a favorite stuffed animal for a checkup! This is such a fun preschool theme! This is a great time to teach about different lands and countries, but it is also a classic science experiment that can be explored easily.

Did you know that you can make a homemade volcano that can change colors? Weather Theme — Weather is so interesting and there are so many aspects! Consider theming each day around a different type of weather — sunshine, rain , snow, etc. Get more weather ideas in our weather lesson plan in our store. Winter Theme — Winter is full of excitement with snow, artic animals, fun holidays and winter sports. There are so many different ways this preschool theme could go, but all are going to help your students learn!

Supplement your theme with these wonderful winter books for children , and take the kids outside for some winter nature observation. Worms Theme — Worms are more than just slimy creatures that come out after it rains.