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Free Essay. It can come in the form of freedom of speech or even freedom of worship, but most importantly acceptance. In his short story, "The Strangers that Came to Town", Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about being accepted. Ambrose Flack combines the elements of characterization, plot and setting to portray her theme of freedom as acceptance. The story is mainly comprised of two families, the Duvitches and Andy's family.

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The characterization of the oppressed Duvitches are what insist a deeper message of freedom through acceptance. The most often mentioned Duvitch, is Mr. He is treated as lesser because of his malodorous job which he needs to provide for his family.

Ambrose Flack

Duvitch had to share it with the children that happened to be with him. Duvitch is also a target for harsh torment through rumors and judging, though she has rarely stepped foot outside her home. This rumor is an indication of immediate disrespect and unacceptance based solely off the fact that Mrs.

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Duvitch has not even spoken to these people, but she is already being criticized. The final Duvitches oppressed on Syringa Street are all the children.

A Stranger Came to Town

After school, they headed straight for home, never lingering on the playground," 4 This quote is a description of the Duvitch children's school life where they are meant to get along with the other children. Instead, they are scoffed at and never welcome after school hours by the other children. The oppression by students in this case was done in the form of exclusion and is another form of unacceptance. Perhaps as a result, the stakes feel a little more real, a little more dangerous.

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  • As Hopper's thoughts put it at one point, "There had been deaths—and there were more to come. And on the more plot-relevant end, Vietnam ramifications, Son of Sam fears, and pop culture's favorite historic urban power outage all gracefully work their way into Hopper's story.

    Jim Hopper on Star Wars Because this must be covered: Hopper obviously loved it, recounting how the theater shook as "the big spaceship thing" flew over the top. When she pushes the "So Luke and Leia?

    No question. This ability to blend the known and the new kind of mimics the character work Christopher has to do in Darkness On The Edge of Town. Hopper needs to be tough and capable, but also wry and annoyed by things like bureaucracy or privilege. Conveniently, those traits work as well for a hands-on NYC cop as they do a small-town police chief. You can hear David Harbour in this dialogue and imagine him lumbering through various action sequences.

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    Which is good, since Hopper remains the POV character for an overwhelming majority of the book, relenting to Delgado, Diane, and one or two others only on occasion. The only major overlap comes from the book's framing device: Hopper recounts this big case he tackled as a story for Eleven when they're snowed in one Christmas. The book handles this by intercutting chapters in Hopper's mid-'80s Indiana cabin with action back in NYC. It'd be easy for this to grow cumbersome over time —just tell us what happens in the damned case, Hopper! But fans of the show will likely be delighted to re-enter the rhythm of these two every so often.

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    Like Hopper himself, these "present-day" interactions immediately take you back to Netflix memories of the two beloved characters sharing stacks of Eggos. El never hesitates to ask a question about what would be common knowledge to others "A cereal killer? In fact, while this book would likely be fine for younger readers, Netflix already has a YA-oriented tie-in centered on Max's backstory pre-Hawkins and an Eleven prequel focused on her scientific experiment upbringing.

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      Skip to main content. Nathan Mattise. Author Adam Christopher's work here is part of the official Stranger Things ' canon. How many book jackets have the Netflix imprint these days?

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