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This time, I truly wanted to compare, well, apples to Apples. Although I found the sound quality to be surprisingly decent overall, I had issues with the fit, outdoor performance dropouts were a real problem and lack of auto-pairing. My ultimate verdict: Not bad for the price, but why bother when there are so many other true-wireless earbuds that don't look like AirPods but perform as well or better? OK, but at less than one-sixth the price, the AirSounds 2 can't possibly be any good, right?

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Do the new features solve the first version's problems and add up to a more compelling alternative? Read on. What's more, although it's disclosed on the product page, I neglected to mention that these cannot be returned for a refund. Although my experience with the earbuds was very positive overall as described below , I suggest looking for a different AirPods alternative.

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Read more: The best cheap true-wireless earphones for I've always found Apple's EarPods -- the wired headphones included in the box with iPhones -- to be a comfortable fit, and the same goes for AirPods, even though the latter are just a hair larger. That's not true for everyone, though; some folks find them too large or too small.

It really just depends on the size of your ears. The AirSounds 2 case is all but identical to the AirPods case; I'd need a caliper to measure any size difference. However, while the original AirSounds earbuds were a hair larger than the AirPods, and therefore uncomfortable in my ears, the AirSounds 2 are a perfect fit. I wore them for 30 minutes and never noticed the slightest discomfort.

Your mileage absolutely positively may vary, however. As noted above, the AirSounds 2 really stepped up on the feature front. For starters, no more power buttons: You take the earbuds out of the case and presto, they pair with your phone. However, they don't have the sensors that automatically detect when they go in and out of your ears, an AirPods feature I really like. Speaking of that, the AirSounds 2 does offer touch controls -- but the instruction manual gets their functions wrong.

That's not a huge deal, but if you don't tap in just the right spot, any given function might not work, or not work correctly.

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Sometimes, for example, when I triple-tapped, the earbud only recognized two taps. If you've ever seen AirPods, you know that Apple's charging case has one measly LED -- under the case lid -- to indicate charge status. The AirSounds 2 case has four green LEDs on the front, and the earbuds themselves glow red while charging. Geraldine Hakewill is the perfect match as Annie. An actor with access to great vulnerability and honesty, she can be fierce when necessary but you are always aware of the emotion beneath, and even when she is just listening she is utterly within character.

There is plenty of sexual chemistry between the two of them and the productions shines most brightly when the two of them are together on stage. Johnny Carr and Dorje Swallow.

Shiv Palekar gives a playful performance as Billy, the young actor who seduces Annie, and Dorje Swallow is impressive as the tough, opportunistic, working-class Brodie who appears at the end of the play, making his mark in the few minutes he is given. Directed by Phillips, with Carr and Hakewill exceptional in the central roles, The Real Thing is the real deal, and a richly rewarding night of theatre.

Six Australian plays, five of them new, a Tony Award-winning musical and contemporary writing from overseas — all relevant to today, says AD Brett Sheehy. Simon Phillips talks about meeting Tom Stoppard, how The Real Thing is beautiful as well as brilliant, and why Australian actors need to understand that for Stoppard the brain is sexy. Explore your classical streaming options, learn more about Tchaikovsky through his symphonies, and meet Maxine Peake as she makes her Australian debut.

English actor Maxine Peake is known for portraying tough, complex women. She replaces Rebel Wilson, who pulled out of the production due to an "unforeseen scheduling conflict". The line-up includes David Williamson's final play, a co-production with Sydney Festival, and seven plays written by women. This beautiful, joyous production reveals why the Oscar winning rom-com truly belongs in the theatre. She tells us about making her professional debut in her dream role.

AirSounds 2 vs. AirPods: Features

Books , Classical Music , Festivals , Theatre. Live Review. Maxine Peake gives a beautifully calibrated performance in this frank, one-woman play about IVF. October Buy tickets for Tue 01 Oct Buy tickets for Wed 02 Oct Buy tickets for Thu 03 Oct Buy tickets for Fri 04 Oct Buy tickets for Sat 05 Oct Buy tickets for Mon 07 Oct Buy tickets for Tue 08 Oct Buy tickets for Wed 09 Oct Buy tickets for Thu 10 Oct Buy tickets for Fri 11 Oct Buy tickets for Sat 12 Oct Buy tickets for Mon 14 Oct Buy tickets for Tue 15 Oct Buy tickets for Wed 16 Oct Buy tickets for Thu 17 Oct Auslan Interpreted Performance.

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