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GOLD: www. Crumb Three Rooms Press. Games Systems Inc. James Copper Peak Press. Friesen Press. Arenberg TheCapitol. Net, Inc. And here is the dilemma: one part of us wants to stick to our comfort zone, while the other part strives to face challenges, have unique genuine experience and grow.

And, as Seth Godin explains this, our lizard brain — the primal part of us — wants us to stay safe and keeps us far away from any changes. There is a relationship that we need to have with ourselves, Alex believes. And by that he means the understanding that, by nature, we are all designed to seek comfort, because our lizard brain wants us to be safe and not to die. However, with this thinking, we will never actually experience anything in life. Coming from the background of immigrants moving to Canada, Mimi and Alex started everything from scratch. And all the adversities they have faced allowed them to build strong and beautiful relationships, be here today where they are, do what they love and live the life they have always dreamt about.

Actually, it is the signal of growth. If we give up in power of the resistance voice that holds us back, then how do we expect to grow, prosper and change?

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Alex mentions the great example of working out. When we exercise, we build our body by tearing our muscles apart. And the reason we become stronger is that our muscles tissues will then repair and rebuild and become stronger. First we make them uncomfortable, then we tear them apart, and when we work out enough, we then create that growth. Have you ever asked yourself the question of why so many people struggle with the idea of how to grow their relationships and careers?

The reality is simple: in order to have a better life, we will have to face the challenges and the discomfort, and go through them. And one of the most important things to keep in mind is to always be honest one with another in relationships and face challenges together, and not be afraid to talk through what you think or feel. But, here is a great reminder: we will not be able to grow in our relationship unless we will be able to face challenging situations together. When we are able to do emotional work by truly listening, opening up, giving each other enough space, being vulnerable and accepting our own fault, we will defuse the conflict and have that massive opportunity to build a stronger bond.

Alex believes that life throws us in challenges, because it wants us to teach a lesson. We are our own habits, we build them every day.

Consciousness: The Ultimate Intelligence – Sadhguru [Full Talk]

So, in any situation of growth, we will face discomfort. By focusing on it and seeing it as a real opportunity, we will build this healthy habit of getting outside our comfort zone and become a little better. Join us in this beautiful and inspiring conversation. Born to Greek parents who emigrated to the jungles in Tanzania, Dennis holds very vivid and picturesque memories about his childhood — the animals, the noises and the nature.

In 6 years, he ended up moving back to Greece. However, growing up watching American movies and getting fascinated by the concept of American dream life made Dennis dream big and move to the United States at the age of Working hours shifts as a kitchen hand in a restaurant, Dennis was determined to make his dream life happen. In fact, one of the first things Dennis learnt about the United States was that the harder he worked, the luckier he got.

I knew that I had a dream, and I worked for it. I was never jealous for anyone. To me, it was a motivation if I saw somebody who had a Cadillac or owned a beautiful house. All of the sudden, the major corporation Pepsico came forward and doubled his salary, offered him options and a big title. And guess what Dennis Malamatinas did? He accepted the role and moved to Pepsico. In the end, the corporate world is tough and roofless. But, unfortunately had no time for his family. This was the pivotal moment to make a decision to let go of ego and greed.

Dennis knew: what his kids needed the most was not money, it was time and love. So, he put his family values as the main priority, resigned from his position and has never regretted this since then. The family and the chance to have a real quality time with my kids was very important to me. Just like in our episode on Relationship With Money where we explore what money really means to us, we are looking at what our bodies mean to us… And it should be a LOT.

Which can seem counter intuitive.

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And all of this follows a few small habits that starts to stack on top of each other. Bad habits become you. This is why Alex and Mimi have their morning and night time routines available for everyone on YouTube. The good news is that things can get better and habits like these are easily changed one step at a time. The food we eat affects our gut bacteria - also known as our microbiome. Ever heard the saying think with your gut.

Well, science shows us we have neurons in our gut too and they heavily affect how our brain works. Movement: Sitting all day is the worst. Try a standing desk or even get more fancier by using a treadmill desk. Mimi recommends aiming for 30 mins 3 times a week, something that will get you sweating and get your heart going.

Alex likes the 7 minute workout for convenience, lets face it everyone has 7 minutes available, since consistency is key, this should be a habit you start today. Another app you might try is Sweat. Seems counter intuitive that rest could make you look and feel better, our fast paced world has made it seem shameful to want a lay in, but sleep is essential.

Try black out blinds and using blue light blocking devices or apps to help restore your circadian rhythm and introduce the sleep hormone melatonin. From riding a bike to work instead of driving or eating less meat and packaged foods, when we adopt these powerful habits into our lifestyle we can change the world, not just ourselves. We advise that after listening you take stock of all of these things..

Trust us, your body will thank you later. Interviewed by Aaron Alexander from Align podcast, we talk about entrepreneurial lifestyle, meaningful work, healthy relationships and life fulfilment.

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Tune in now and discover how we have been able to design our dream life. Tune in now and join us in this very open, honest and vulnerable conversation. Similar to Mimi, Naila was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan. At the age of 16, Naila and her family moved to Canada leaving everything behind. This huge step into the unknown future had a fundamental impact on her.

As Naila arrived to Canada being a year-old young girl brimming with confidence and inner power, she knew that this was her golden ticket to life. Being proactive and applying for multiple scholarships, Naila got the best university experience. Pursuing her obsession to be remembered for something big, she participated in different student organisations and travelled a lot around Europe.

By that time, she became a real experiences catcher with innate desire to explore, to go out of the comfort zone and to bring joy to everything she does. At the age of 25, Naila made a drastic decision to move to London. Stepping into what looked like a dream path after graduating from the university, Naila soon found everything that used to excite her becoming dull.

After spending one week in Portugal surfing and doing yoga, Naila managed to find the peace of her body and mind. Looking at the calm waves of the ocean, she felt that she needed to move to Europe and escape the robotic lifestyle of Toronto. The next day she applied for her UK visa. However, the reality of moving to a new country was tough, especially when it was her first experience of living alone. Naila came to London with a genuine belief that everything would work out.

And it did. Now, working at Google, designing her own clothing line and having endless meaningful experiences of observing the beauty of life and nature, Naila and her husband have finally found their comfort place in the city that never stops. Answering the question of how to stay excited and joyful about life, Naila advises to ask yourself whether you want to waste your precious time by being upset.

What is the worst that could happen at that point? And by going through the worst case scenarios I just move on from that. Coming from experience of having nothing and now being able to live in abundance, Mimi and Alex reflect on their life journey, questioning how money has played a part in their happiness. Does money really affect your happiness? Does it make a difference to your wellbeing, life, mindset, personality? Both Mimi and Alex have come from very humble beginnings, growing up with a concept that money will solve all the problems and buy them happiness.

After years of reflection about themselves and observation of what really brings them joy, Alex and Mimi discovered that happiness comes from buying experiences — not material things, and not only for yourself, but most importantly, for people you love and care about.

A Tale of Two Friends

Have you ever wondered why people pay premium to go and watch live events, music festivals, sports games? The mindset Mimi and Alex have is always asking themselves what really makes them happy, so that they spend money accordingly. They spend a lot of money on experiences for themselves, their family, friends, people they love, travelling, good food, rent. For them, the material possessions are the last on the list. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with possessing lovely material things. The decisions Alex and Mimi make come from a personal understanding of what makes them happy and how they want to live their life day to day.

And just a kind reminder: Mimi and Alex are not here to judge, they are here to help you create awareness of what can help you bring closer to happiness and your dream life. Going through these conversations, thoughts, exercises and being honest with yourself, you are able to know yourself better and understand what is really important to you.

So, make sure to listen attentively and take notes. Since childhood, Richard was inspired to create something incredible, something that is bigger than himself.

In his mid-twenties, Richard and his wife Naomi took a career break and did a-round-the-world trip to have enough space and time to think what they actually wanted to do in their lives. And he found the answer — to be an entrepreneur.

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That is your chance, that is your opportunity. He went back to London, found a job in a start-up team and gained exciting practical experience. But his two children changed everything. So, he took action. That our priorities will shift totally. So… I wrote myself a few notes on this. I have a grandchild out on the West Coast. It was the best and raising children in more primitive environment. We always continually made technological advancements, we used to have a evaporation refrigerator which meant that it was outside and in the summer we had cloth that we kept wet so that the evaporation would cool the food inside but you know we were still dealing with slugs and things like that.

So, you know, I got my first washing machine three years ago. Valerie: So I mean I was doing laundry in town, I raised three kids. I think humans are continuously trying to make things be easier. We recycled things down so that they got the last bit of use that they could have gotten out of it.

But, I think we are sold the bill of goods I think we have—we get told what we need and we buy into it. That we much more pay attention to eating good foods and you know, a lot of our problems are self created by the system we live in. And I think a lot of really good things will flow from that. We will be learning how to love our self and each other and our planet better when we get to space. Kids need to be outside in nature, they need to be able to have places to experiment.

I mean I think the ultimate goal for human beings will be to self actualize which is like how do you turn into the—how do you become the person that you were born to be. And learning is all about—I mean you have to be safe in order to learn you have to be feeling like you can mistakes. And the other thing I thought about is, you know, right now we still live in a society where death is the enemy.